The End?

Avery Seidel, Reporter

According to USA Today, the popular game, Fortnite, became unavailable for play after it was sucked into a virtual black hole on Sunday night. This blackout was supposedly wrapping up season 10 of the game, calling it “The End.” No one knows for sure when the game will be available again. The last several seasons have started on Thursdays, but because of its timing it could begin sooner than expected. After the Fortnite blackout, a tweet was posted, “Sony said all in-game items and V-bucks are safe.” E-Sports consultant, Rod Breslau, stated, “The event drew more than 6 million concurrent viewers.” During an interview with USA Today Breslau also said, “Epic and Fortnite really have done such an incredible job of creating this entire story and narrative around what would be server maintenance to create what is the most hype I think I’ve ever seen for a video game of all time.” Fortnite fans have since been creating memes about the game to help pass time until the games return. So what are these Fortnite gamers going to do while their game is down? Maybe they will read a book or do something productive, but let’s be honest most are going to watch the black hole do nothing for hours on end.