Can They Stay Red Hot?

Jarrett Lewis

The Cardinals have been battling all year.  They came out the gate of spring training at the beginning of the season and were red hot.  When asked about the Cardinals start to the season, fan Grant Lewis said, “I hope they can finish the season out like this.  If they do, there will be no one that can stop them.” They were showing up number one and two on MLB power rankings all over the place.  Then halfway to the all-star break, they went cold only to pick it up after the all-star break and back to red hot. They won their division and beat the Braves in a 5 game series with a wild game four win behind Yadiar Molina’s game tying and game-winning hit.  Now the Cards are in series against the Washington Nationals who fought injuries all season and fought furiously to get where they are now. The series is currently 2-0 in the Washington Nationals favor. The Cardinals lost the first two at home and now on the road for three games in Washington.  If they can survive and manage to win two games, they will make it back home to have the home-field advantage again. Austin, a local in Wayne City, says, “I hope the Cardinals can make it back home, but I have a hard time thinking that since the Nationals are on fire.”