What A Way To Work!

Travis Dickey

Coach Jim Corrona has plenty of tricks up his sleeve when it comes to getting his squad ready for the upcoming season. One of his favorite tools to use is a game called Fly By You. Fly By You is a three on three tournament that is constantly in motion.

Fly By You is one of the best games to play to get better at basketball according to Coach Corrona. Coach Corrona says, “Fly By You is a game that exposes your weaknesses and forces you to guard the ball. After playing Fly By You, you should know what you need to work on to get better at basketball!” After talking to the players about the game, many of the players state that it is a lot of fun and it really makes a player work to get better. Fly By You is a game that consists of isolation basketball and constant motion, and the only way to end the game is by making a free throw after making the last basket. Fly By You is not a difficult game, but its one of the many elements in Coach Corrona’s coaching style that he has used to get this team ready for this upcoming season!