Democratic Views

Kylee Gregory, Reporter

Tensions in the government are brewing over whether to impeach President Trump. More and more democrats are coming out in favor of impeachment every day. Nancy Pelosi, a House Speaker, announced an investigation into Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Pelosi has halted moving forward with impeachment until the reason of the phone call is made completely clear.

According to CNN, House Democrats are close to a resolution in the impeachment case. “On May 30, Sen. Bernie Sanders said, “This president must be held accountable, and I believe that the Judiciary Committee should begin impeachment inquires.”

A few of Trump’s administration officials are also in the spotlight of the impeachment process, such as the Vice President and the Energy Department Secretary. They must also turn over documents related to the investigation with Ukraine. Some of the officials that are currently under investigation are handing over documents voluntarily, but some have to turn over the documents under a subpoena.

Democrats are currently facing pressure from liberals to vote as soon as Thanksgiving, this would avoid running into the center of the 2020 election. Fiona Hill was expected to be interviewed Monday October 15, as part of the impeachment probe. As impeachment support grows, so does the public divide.