Walker’s Gym

Andrew White

Walker’s Gym is a place of gathering for many people. Walker’s Gym is a place to go to improve athletic skill level. Wayne City High School’s boy’s basketball team meets at Walker’s Gym three days a week. Two days include weight lifting and muscle mass improvement, and the last day for fitness conditioning.

Walker’s Gym is located at 304 North Legion Drive, Wayne City, IL, 62895. Walkers Gym is welcoming to all ages, and gym goers can come whenever they please, as long as it’s at a reasonable hour. The founder behind Walker’s Gym is Robert Walker, former Olympic weightlifter. He is now in charge of the High School boy’s basketball teams’ conditioning. Robert Walker has been weight training for most of his life, and he is now retired.

Robert loves to help the community with his gym. The perks with coming to his gym are there are no admission or gym membership fees. Robert stated, “If I’m helping others achieve things they couldn’t by themselves, I’m willing to put the time and effort to help them reach maximum potential.” Walker’s Gym is an affordable place to workout, offers great training, is full of encouraging people that are willing to help individuals push through their goals and help them in their journey of a healthier life style.