It goes fast and it is food!

Alicia Garrelick, Reporter

Fast food! What else could people ask for? It is fast, and it is food. These are two main things people love in today’s society and especially in the United States. 

Fast food is a way to get good tasting food quickly and for a low price. The United States has a lot of different fast food restaurants, and they are everywhere. Customers usually can have sandwiches, burgers, fries, but they can also have Asian food or tacos! There is something for everyone! On the contrary from Europe, every fast food restaurant in the U.S. has a drive-thru. That means that people don’t even have to get out of their cars to get food. When asking Avery Seidel, senior at Wayne City High School, if she prefers going inside to eat or go through the drive-thru, she stated: “I prefer to go inside to eat so I can enjoy my meal. It is easier to make a mess in the car.”

Fast food may taste good, but it is not really good quality or healthy food. Eating too much fast food could be bad for someone’s health. When asked how many times a week they eat fast food, students replied:

Junior Austin Schuester said,”I eat fast food like three times a week.” 

Senior Avery Seidel said, “During sports, like four to five times a week.”

If people are on a busy schedule and need something quick to go, fast food is a good option!