Fall Season

Andrew White, reporter

As Summer has ended and Winter is about to start, many believe the season in between is full of excitement. A favorite of many, this season is called fall. A few of the characteristics of this season that people love are the colored leaves they find beautiful and the fun activities that they believe the season offers. To start off the Autumn months, people begin to see the leaves change into the bright, vibrant colors. As the weather starts to cool down, these leaves begin to fall. To the nature-lovers, this all seems very exciting, but the real excitement for most people is “Spooky Season.” This part of the fall season is filled with Halloween costumes, scary movies, haunted houses, and lots of candy! The fall season ends on December 21, when Winter begins. For most people, this time of the year is dreaded. Although Winter is full of bright white snow and Christmas lights, the weather is so cold and bitter, many people feel as if this makes them extra ready for the warm, colorful season of spring. Libby Williams, a senior at Wayne City High School, gave an opinion on her favorite time of the year. “Fall would have to be my favorite season,” she said. When asked why, she added, “Who wouldn’t love fall? I love all the pretty colors of the leaves, the cute fall clothes, and of course spooky season.”