How Soon is too Soon?

Jaden Boyd

For some, Christmas season begins as soon as Halloween ends. With November coming around, many see this as free game for their homes to be strewn with endless Christmas decor. Whether it’s the bitter cold, or aisles upon aisles of Christmas supplies at Walmart, many individuals are driven to begin the holiday season as early as they can. Although there is not a set date that the Christmas season starts, some people believe the question deserves an answer: How early is too early? Many debate this year after year, and believe the argument is never quite settled. 

While there are people who put a tree up the first day of November, others prefer to wait until after Thanksgiving, and some even choose to hold off the decor until the beginning of December. When asked about her seasonal decorating, Libby Williams believes that four months of Christmas decor is perfectly fine.“I would definitely put a tree up in September. August is a little early, but September is good to me. You have to get in the holiday spirit!” Although, there are definitely people with opposite opinions. “Christmas decorations should most definitely be held off until at least December. I like to celebrate Thanksgiving without feeling like it’s Christmas eve,” says Ms. Crystal Johnson. Whatever the majority opinion is, most believe Christmas should be enjoyed with or without the seasonal decor!