RLC Career Day 2019

Libby Williams, Reporter

On October 29, 7 Wayne City High School Seniors went to Rend Lake College for a Career Day to get to know about the college. At this event, students from different schools got to tour the college campus and meet some professors that teach in the majors that interest them the most. Woodlawn, Mt Vernon Township, Pinckneyville, and Sesser-Valier attended at this event along with Wayne City. The High School students were mixed into 8 certain groups. These groups were chosen based on what interests each student the most out of the programs and majors Rend Lake provides. Students were able to learn more about Psychology, Early Childhood, Criminal Justice, History, Agriculture, etc. Professors from these classes would come in and talk to students about what they teach but made it interesting. They discussed how their class works and talked about the different classes they teach. Students asked questions about the jobs in the field the professors teach and the ways of the classes. Some students got to see the types of equipment in different programs as well. There was also a time where faculty members discussed scholarships, loans, financial aid, and grants in a fun way by placing students in groups and playing Jeopardy! The college also provided lunch including pizza, chips, cookies, and a drink given to each student. When asked to name his favorite part about this day, Andrew White replied, “Meeting the History professor!” The day at Rend Lake was filled with learning and it allowed seniors to learn more about the junior college.