Easier Said Than Run!

Travis Dickey

The Wayne City Basketball Men’s Basketball Team is working extra hard as the season approaches rapidly. For some of the players, this is the last time they are ever going to play basketball, so they are working as hard as they can to have success this season. Coach Jim Corrona has put the players through some intense training and conditioning to get their bodies ready for November. Coach Corrona’s conditioning includes a number of games, drills, and actions that will help this team increase endurance as well as ankle mobility. 


While the players are working on their bodies and getting better, The Injured Squad, as they call themselves, are on the sidelines watching. Senior Travis Dickey, Senior Marcus Durham, and Senior Kamden Pottorff make up the Injured Squad. Travis Dickey came down with a pulled muscle in his back which will have him sidelined for the next week. Marcus Durham is recovering from a rolled ankle he got a couple of weeks ago in a pickup game. Rounding off the squad,  we have Kamden Pottorff who is suffering from a toe problem that could sideline him for a while. 


This off season has been eventful for WCHS Basketball and with the season approaching in a week, Wayne City is looking forward to seeing this hardworking team.