Crunch Time

Leah Marvel

As the 2019-2020 Basketball season comes upon Wayne City High School athletes, they have been training hard to prepare themselves for the tough competition they are about to face. The boys in the gym practice day and night, training along with the cheerleaders.


 As the cheerleaders prepare for not only regular-season, they work hard to perfect one main floor cheer, sidelines, crowd cheers, stunts, and many more things for one specific game. In the first game of the season at the Christopher Turkey Tournament in November, the team will compete against the other teams to see who can be the sharpest, loudest, and best team on the floor. During the time of the game, the girls will show and perform what they have perfected over the past few months. 


Senior Cheerleader,  Alivia Dillman says, “With all of the practices we have been having and all of the hard work we have been putting in, I think our cheer team will be amazing. We are preparing ourselves for the best teams we have faced the past few years, hoping we will be better in every aspect. We are ready to win some trophies this season.”


As the cheerleading team says, “It’s “crunch time,” and with having more than three practices a week, the girls will continue to work on motions, voices, and many more things to make sure they have gone over everything they need to be the best they can be. The girls are ready to go into this season and support the basketball team.