Time for Basketball

On Monday, the 4 of November 2019, the lady Indian’s basketball season will officially begin. This year, the team will be coached by a new coach named Rick Hays. When asked how he feels about coaching a new team this year, Rick stated, “I’m excited about this new opportunity and I look forward to building a program that is respected in the school, in our community, and by other teams that we will be competing against. I’m excited to coach a great group of girls and I look forward to helping them get better at the game of basketball. Also, I’m going to enjoy helping them with life lessons on and off the court.”

The 2019 team includes 14 girls. Three of them are from Cisne High School and four of them are exchange students. There are two freshmen, two sophomores, three juniors, and seven seniors. Some of the girls have played for a couple of years, but for others, it is their first year of basketball. Greta Ihmels, junior at Wayne City High School stated, “I am excited for this season to start and to play in a team with great girls.”

The girls will be playing a lot of games against other schools and will also participate in several tournaments. Their first home game will be against Elverado High School on November 22 at 6 pm.