Pumpkin Making Monsters!

Lillian Borah

On October 27, 2019 ghosts, zombies, clowns, and many more spooky monsters filled into the Wayne City Baptist Church parking lot to play games and make crafts. One of the amazing crafts were made possible by Wayne City FCCLA. The members of FCCLA had the little monsters make pumpkin pom poms chosen by the officers of the club weeks earlier. The pom pom pumpkins consisted of an orange puffball, a green pipe cleaner, a foam leaf, googly eyes, and a green foam root. The craft was made simple, so the kids could do it themselves for the most part.  Children stuck the materials on the orange puffball, because all the materials were backed with adhesive. FCCLA member, Jaden Boyd, said, “I think it was the perfect craft for younger kids and was good for the fall-season,” when asked how she felt about the FCCLA booth, in general, that day. The kids thought the pumpkins were cute and hilarious to make. One participant even thought it was food! The members of FCCLA enjoyed helping the little monsters how to make the cute pumpkins just as much as the kids loved making them. Overall the carnival was enjoyed by many.