How To: Design an Advertisement


Emma McCormick, Reporter

Many companies want to advertise their business to get the public’s attention, a good way to do this is with digital ads. Creating one of these advertisements is simple.  Keep in mind the customer’s preferences, information, and try to be creative. When designing a business ad, the company’s personal preferences must always be kept in mind. First, communication needs to be made with the owners to know what information they want to be shown and to know their own design choices. When creating the ad, usually there will be an image provided to include. A good way to incorporate this picture and make it the main focus is to drop colors from the image throughout the design. The best thing to do is be creative. Play with effects on the program: different brushes, typography effects, shape tools, etc. Research the program, try to find unique things to do on it. Adobe Photoshop is a good program for designing ads, and has many options and opportunity to be creative. Once satisfied with the end product, ask the company how they feel first. Be able to take constructive criticism, allowing customers to change anything needed. Once the design is finished, and all needs are met, send the ad back to the advertiser for approval.