How To Keep a Positive Mindset


Virginia Williams, Reporter

Everybody has things that make them stressed, anxious, sad, and more. Finding ways to cope with these feelings can be hard. Here are some ways to stay positive and uplifted.

Make Time For Yourself

Making time for yourself at least once a day will help you feel more productive and less overwhelmed. Take about an hour or as long as needed to finish tasks or relax.

Stay Positive Without the Negative

When in a negative situation or just feeling down, it is best to try to think of the positive side of what is going on. When feeling this way, name 3 things that are positive about the negative situation. Remember the positive side.

Helping Leads to Happiness

Giving back to others is something that can be uplifting for oneself and help forget the negative things in your life. Help people with their problems or doing charity work. Happiness within can come from helping others. 

Accept What You Cannot Change & Make Peace

Overthinking can be the worst thing in stressful situations. If one can change the situation, find a way to make things better and make peace with the person. If things cannot be fixed, find a way to make peace with internally in some way. It is best to let go of the worry from the past and move forward. 

Healthy Body & Healthy Mind

It is a very good thing to help others, but it is also important to take care of oneself. Exercising, eating properly, and getting enough sleep are good ways to feel better physically and mentally.

Be Open

Opening up about emotions can be relieving. When one holds in all of their built up emotions, they could eventually explode out of them in anger or sadness. Let some feelings out to someone who will understand the situation or a close family member or friend. Buying a journal could also be an alternative.

Positive Surroundings

Being surrounded by negative influences can be draining. Keep a positive circle of people around who uplift and help in times of need. Positive music, shows, and books can also lessen a negative mindset. The information and people that are around will have a major impact on someone who is surrounded by negativity.