Last Minute Writing

Kylee Gregory, Reporter

Doing an assignment last minute is pretty simple for some people, but not for most. The first thing one might want to start with is to log into the computer and sit down-preferably with an energy drink, because procrastinating for a week can be exhausting. Usually a topic is picked and has a lot of useless information that barely relates to the subject, but just enough to add some to the word count. By the time the due date gets here, a person should change the subject to a totally different topic to be able to write faster. 

Once one has sat down and is looking at the blank document, the words might be able to flow very easily. If a person isn’t the type who can create an article in a pinch of time, then this might not be the type of writing that one would prefer. Of course most people would rather get the assignment done as soon as possible to avoid creating stress, but that is obviously not how most students or writers complete their task. 

After an individual has sat down, stared at the blank document hoping for a good idea, finished an energy drink, and has put headphones in, then the assignment can be started. Once the words have flowed and the paper is ready to be submitted, the student should  submit the work to the instructed place, and then the assignment is done.