Everything you Need to Know About the Halftime Show

Kylie Reed, Reporter

You lost some money if you bet that Jennifer Lopez and Sharika wouldn’t tear it up during the Super Bowl LIV Pepsi Halftime show according to CNN. There were energetic dance moves, surprise performers, some crowd surfing, pole dancing, and plenty of hits as the pair co-headlined. But the “Rope Dance” really got the fans talking as she wrapped it around her wrists and body during an impressive belly dance. 

The big question is whether she was symbolically saying something about captivity and people of color or merely just bringing the sexy as she is known for. Some feel she was merely just giving her signature type of show in her performance at the Super Bowl LIV halftime show. The other big controversial issue was Jennifer Lopez taking the pole. According to CNN News, you just knew Lopez was going to perform “ Waiting For Tonight” (she did), and you knew that there would be plenty of hip swivels from the superstar duo and there were. And many people think Lopez worked the pole to remind us why she was one of the best parts of the film “Hustlers” in which she portrayed a stripper.

In a more family friendly moment, Lopez’s eleven year old daughter, Emme, appeared with a children’s choir to sing “Born In The USA” and “Let’s Get Loud” with her mom. The children in the choir wore white t-shirts with American Flags on them, and at one point they were in cage-like structures. Twitter revved about what they viewed as a subtle, yet powerful border crisis statement. Lopez also, at one point, wrapped herself in a dual Puerto Rican and American flag. The inside of the coat was the Puerto Rican Flag and the outside of the coat was the American flag.