College Readiness: Are Students Prepared?

Delainey Bailey, Reporter

How prepared are high school seniors to enter a university following graduation? According to the Youth Truth Student Survey, only 45% of students feel ready and prepared for college. While many students want to attend college, they feel unprepared to do so. 

At Wayne City High School, a survey was taken of twelve seniors. They were asked, “Do you feel prepared to attend a four year university straight out of high school?” Out of the twelve responses, only two replied that they feel ready. Three replied they are unsure if they feel prepared. Majority of the survey replied that they do not feel prepared. The top reason for lack of readiness was high school classes not challenging the students enough. Students also feel they are not ready to live away from home, do their own laundry, feed themselves, not have someone to remind them to do homework, etc. Money is also a factor in whether students will attend a university or community college.

The overwhelming factor in students’ fear of college is high school classes not preparing students for the “real world” of college. Academically, high school classes are much easier to pass. Teachers are fairly lenient with work and makeup work. College is much stricter with work and grading. Overall, students do not feel equipped for college.