The Four Year Experience

Andrew White, Reporter

People say that high-school is the time of their lives as some others disagree. For some people high school can be their favorite part of life, this is where some have their best memories. When asked Darren Duwez said, “High school is a time in life where you are still young and you have time to enjoy every moment and opportunity that has been given to you. This being said, high school was a good memory, I’ll miss everyone but I’m ready to graduate already.”

For others high school is a place of torture and hate. High school can be full of bullies and hateful actions. When asked, Hope Schmidt quotes, “ I hate high school, and I’m so ready to get out of here and this town. I’m gonna miss my friends and some of the memories, but high school has been so miserable for me.” Some people don’t enjoy high school as much as others, but high-school can be good or bad one can decide how their experience turns out. One can either hate it or make the best out of it, it’s all how one looks at things. Everyone is different, which means everyone has different experiences in high school.