Dogs: More Than a Best Friend


Meghan Anderson, Reporter

Most dog owners will stand with the argument that life is better with dogs. Having a constant sense of comfort, entertainment and companionship is seemingly one of the best ways to live life. Not only do dogs create the feeling that people are wanted and loved, they also give pet owners a great deal of health benefits that no one may think of.

Studies show dogs relieve stress and make humans more happy. Simply just petting a dog lowers blood pressure and relaxes muscle tension. Plus, owning or being around a dog helps fight off depression and genuinely make a person happier just by looking at a dog. 

Dogs living in apartments and in small confined homes need to walk. Certain breeds of dogs need walked more than others, owners must walk them. Owning a dog in a city or suburb area where there is not enough room to run around means pet dogs need to be walked daily. This being said, dog owners are more likely to stay healthier due to the walking the dog needs. 

Everyone may already know, dogs make humans more attractive. According to the American Kennel Club, a study conducted in the United Kingdom surveyed 700 people: 60 percent said that owning a dog can make a person seem more attractive, and 85 percent said that people seem more approachable when they’re with a dog.