The Emission of Greenhouse Gases


Alicia Garellick, Reporter

Today, the concentration of Carbon Dioxide (greenhouse gas) in the atmosphere is too high. The greenhouse gases trap the heat and warm up the planet. Research shows that the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere increases because of human activity. 

Climate change has a lot of impact on human lives. It causes extreme weather, health issues, rising sea levels,…

The three countries that produce the most Carbon Dioxide (CO2) are China, the U.S., and India. 

  • China: China is the country that emits the most amount of CO2 in the entire world. In 2017, this country emitted 9.8 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide gas. The emission of CO2 in  China is mostly caused by fossil fuels (coal burning) but also motor vehicles. 
  • The U.S.: Right under China, the U.S. emitted 5.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide in 2017. The biggest source of CO2 emission in the United States comes from power generation, transportation, and industry. According to the Investopedia article written by Andry Blakhin: “ The U.S. was the largest CO2 producer until 2006 when China took over the top spot.”  
  • India: India produced around 2.5 billion metric tons of CO2 in 2017. The Carbon Dioxide emissions in this country are growing faster than in China or the U.S. An article on Quartz India references a new report by the Paris – based International Energy Agency that says that in 2018, CO2 emissions in the country rose 4.8% from the previous year. The largest source of carbon dioxide emission in India comes from the excessive use of coal.