History Comes at a Cost!

Emilee Jones, Reporter

History Club members set out to collect raffle items for Trivia Night on Wednesday, February 19, 2020. There were three groups of 11 girls total who went to collect these items. Two of the groups went to Fairfield, and one group went to Mt. Vernon. The girls went around to local businesses and explained they were looking for donations for Trivia Night. The majority of businesses were gracious enough to donate items such as a gift certificate or an item from their store. Senior Emilee Jones stated, “I always have a fun time when I get to skip school to collect items for the History Club. We ate at La Fuente, which was the highlight of the day.” The items the girls collected were used for Trivia Night, February 22, 2020 as raffle items. Throughout the night, names were drawn out of a bucket for the door prizes. Trivia Night is hosted by the History Club and  is a hit every year. It is a fun-filled night. Students also enjoyed working as waiters and waitresses, graders, and quiz collectors. It is looked forward to by everyone each year.