Prom: One Roaring Night

Kylie Reed, Reporter

It’s almost the time of year that everyone is ecstatic for; Prom. There is so much that goes into prom planning, the hair, nails, flowers, makeup and most importantly the dress. However, for boys, the only planning is the iconic “promposal” and the tux fitting. At Wayne City, the boys can get a fitting right here at the school, but girls have to go as far as Evansville, Indiana to get the perfect dress for this very special night. Some end up spending as much as six hundred dollars on a dress for prom, but there are some girls that can’t afford to spend that much. There’s a way for them to get a dress, however, because The First United Methodist Church has a free dress giveaway every year. Once they have found the perfect dress, they have to make sure they have jewelry that matches and find the perfect flower bouquet, which the church also has for the giveaway. For a girl to find the perfect bouquet of flowers, it usually costs around fifty dollars. Girls also have to get their hair and makeup done as well. Some girls even go out of the way and get their nails done to match the dress they are wearing on prom night. 

According to a 2015 national survey, it can cost anywhere from $919 and up for a girl to go to prom, but in Wayne City it could cost less than $500. Junior Kylee Gregory said that it cost her four hundred and thirty five dollars for everything including her nails. On the other hand, guys get the cheaper way out, only having to spend about two hundred dollars in total for everything they need, including the “promposal.” All in all, prom is considered to be one of the best nights of a student’s life.