Stupid Cupid Strikes Again!

Andrew White, Reporter

Stupid Cupid is a Valentine Day special that Wayne City High school Red Ribbon Team puts on every year. The Red Ribbon Team puts this activity on every year to promote positive behavior and a drug free lifestyle. It’s a great way to get the students of the high school involved. One is probably wondering what students do for this or what it even is. Basically there are three “Stupid Cupids,” and they get dressed up in the valentine spirit. They pick random students, and then they shoot them with a ‘drug free’ arrow. When the student is shot, they have a fun challenge they have to follow for the rest of the school day. This challenge is they aren’t allowed to talk for the remainder of the day. Some may think this is a dumb idea, but there is a catch. The Red Ribbon team will provide students with a “Stupid Cupid” T-shirt, bandanna, and a rose. When asked, what part of stupid cupid did you enjoy the most, Jaden Boyd said, “I loved how everyone was in suspense throughout the day on who was going to get shot.” The purpose of this event is to interact with students by making them feel involved with an activity and trying to persuade them to continue or start making healthy, positive life decisions.