FCCLA Blood Drive

Jaden Boyd, Reporter

Tuesday, February 25, the Wayne City FCCLA group will be hosting their yearly blood drive. This event will be held in the high school cafeteria, and the drive is open to anyone in the community who is willing to give blood and fits into all the guidelines and requirements. FCCLA has been hosting the blood drive for over 15 years, and hopes to further the tradition. At the drive, members volunteer to help throughout the day at the registration desk, where donors sign up to donate, and the canteen, where donors go to refuel themselves with snacks after they give blood. However, not everyone who signs up will be able to give. There are certain requirements that donors must follow, like health and lifestyle guidelines. FCCLA members are joined by American Red Cross workers that help draw the blood, while teens in the club help at their desired station. But beware, helping at the drive isn’t for those with a weak stomach. People who donate are liable to fainting, which can cause a chain reaction. “Every year I try to help at the registration desk, which is far away from any of the blood. I don’t like to watch people pass out or go pale!” says FCCLA member, Libby Williams. Although the drive takes strong volunteers and nurses to run it, all the work is worth it when you think about the good cause it has. Sign up to donate blood today!