A Token of Respect

Travis Dickey, Reporter

The Wayne City Boys Basketball team is full of very caring and giving players, but none of the players could even think about giving up as much as their coach. The coaching staff members at Wayne City High School, across all sports, are very caring people, and Boys Basketball is no exception.

Coach Corrona has given more to this program in the past two years, than most coaches would give in a whole decade. Coach Corrona has taken the boys on trips, paid for meals, and has brought this group of misfits together like no other coach could. The boys knew they had to pay their coach back in some way. The idea was put together by the team to get the coach a new pair of shoes. Junior Jarrett Lewis loved the idea, saying, “ After seeing Coach Corrona wear the same pair of shoes for the past two years, we thought it would be a nice gesture to get him a fresh pair that he can wear for regionals.” Although the team could never repay their coach fully for what he has given them, Coach Corrona was very appreciative of the gift and can’t wait to bring them out for regionals and beyond!