Boys Basketball Regionals

Emma McCormick, Reporter

The Wayne City High School boys basketball team’s season is coming to an end. The team just won their senior night game against the Waltonville Spartans on Friday, February 21. When asked about regionals, basketball player Jarrett Lewis says, “We need to go in with the right mindset, and we can’t take anyone lightly. We are our biggest weakness but if we play together, the only team that can beat us is ourselves. We have to play as a team, and stay serious. It’s gonna be tough, but I believe we can do it.” 

The Indians’ record so far this season is 19-10. They have to win two games to make it to the championship game, and then to get the regional championship they have to win that game. “I hope that we can win a regional game, because I love watching the boys play,” says supporter Libby Williams, “They have worked hard for the place that they are in right now, and many people enjoy watching them just as much as I do. I think they would deserve to win because they are hard-working and talented, and they’re a good group of individuals. They have a close bond with each other, and it shows every time they step on to the court.” Come out and support the Indians for their first regional game on Tuesday, February 24 against the Webber Trojans at Edwards County High School.