Ready for Softball


Alicia Garellick, Reporter

The basketball season just ended, which means that it is now time for the softball season. This year, the softball team will be coached by Coach Sara Scott. She has been an assistant coach and then a head coach for one year, so this will be her second year as a head coach. The team is composed of 5 seniors (3 of them are exchange students), 6 juniors (one of them is an exchange student), and 8 freshmen. The girls will start practicing on February 24, and their first game is on March 19. When asking junior Maddie Caudle how she feels about the season starting, she said, “It’s a real fun time, I am quite excited!” This year, four exchange students are going to play softball. When asked how she feels about this season starting, Francesca Bezzi, a senior exchange student from Italy, said,  “I am really excited about the softball season to start, because I have never tried a sport like that. I hope to have a lot of fun with all my teammates.” This year, the softball team will have eleven home games including their first game against Galatia. The season will end on May 14 with their home game against Centralia.