FFA Week

Adlee Stephenson, Reporter

FFA Week is a busy week for the Wayne City FFA! FFA students not only have different themes for every day of the week, the club also hosts the Jr. High Farmyard Follies in the gym. During the Farm Follies, obstacles are set up for the competition. FFA members are not the only ones who dress up for different themes. The club also invites the grade school to dress up for the week. On the last day of the week, FFA kids have the option to drive a tractor to school. 

The themes for the week include:

Monday: ‘Merica Day. FFA members wear red, white and blue to represent America.

Tuesday: Bib/ Denim/ Hat Day. FFA members dress up as a country bub.

Wednesday: Western Wednesday. FFA members dress up like they they are going to a rodeo.

Thursday: FFA Shirt Day. FFA members wear their FFA shirt.

Friday: Flannel Friday and Drive a Tractor to School Day. FFA members wear a flannel. Some will drive a tractor to school.

The FFA members will compete against each other to see who can dress the best for the theme that day. The club also gives out prizes for whoever wins the “best dressed” award for the theme of the day.