Back to School Schedule Changes

Brianna Rainwater, Reporter

As the 2020 school year approached, grades k-12 started their school year a little different at the Wayne City school than the last. Alongside all of the Covid-19 rules and regulations including masks, social distancing, and staggered dismissal from classes and early out everyday. On Mondays, the freshman are let out every hour early, Tuesdays are sophomores, and so on. In the school week, they don’t attend on Wednesdays to try and reduce as much as they can possible exposure and risk of Covid-19. The school has also decided to let kids out of school at 2 p.m. through the school week. As for seniors, if they have senior privilege, they are allowed to leave at 1 p.m. The administration said that the staggered and shortened schedule would be better for safety and would give them more time to be able to sanitize and clean before the next school day. It is also a time for the teachers to catch up with their remote learning students and get them where they need to be. Senior Brianna Rainwater said, “I feel as if it really helps me to have time to do my work and get everything done I need to with the shortened schedule.” With the shortened schedule comes less time for teaching and learning which could hinder or slow down some of the learning for kids. The shortened schedule can be to some students advantage if they have work or are in any extra clubs. As Senior Kylee Gregory stated, “I actually like it because I can get my homework done as soon as I get home or before I have to work.” The purpose is to help reduce the risk as much as the school can and to have our best interests in mind.