Basketball During a Pandemic


Lizzy Landreth, Reporter

At Wayne City High School there is a lot of very important things that go on throughout the year. The school clubs, prom, and fun school activities. The teachers, students, and the community all look forward to the high school boys basketball games to begin. Although, this year is going to bring strife and chaos for the players and the coaches. Risten Kell, point guard of the Wayne City basketball team, how he feels about this years upcoming basketball season. He said, “I feel like we’re going to be pretty good this year, but I am very upset about the fact that everything is going to be so different. I really hope we wont have to wear masks, and I hope we get a season.” This season, the players may be required to wear masks, and the will social distance as much as possible. The IHSA also has been talking about possibly allowing only 50 people in the gym, including the players and coaches. 

Jake Talbert, the assistant coach of the Wayne City basketball team, was asked how he thought the games were going to work this year. He said, “Honestly I do not know, but the guidelines change daily. No matter what we are going to try and make it to where our student athletes can compete in a safe and healthy environment.” Talbert and the head coach, Jim Corona, are working to make sure the boys are going to have a safe season.