See You at the Pole

Kelcee Seymour, Reporter

2020 has been full of surprises. Everything known to be “normal” is no longer. Lives have been flipped upside down, especially at school. Once students made their way into the  school year, they worried that many events would have to be cancelled. That is until they found solutions that are COVID-friendly. Along the way, students have found these solutions that enable them to keep events in place. 

One main event that the school holds every year is “See You at the Pole.” This is when the school body comes together for fellowship and prayer. Students and staff all stand around the flagpole, hold hands, and come together in prayer. The physical contact conflicts with restrictions limiting the possible exchange of the COVID-19 virus. This virus cannot allow students to be closer than 6 feet apart, let alone hold hands. Planners expect to keep “See You at the Pole” in place. Attendees are all going to meet at the ball diamonds instead of in the gym. That way there will be more room for everyone to social distance. They are also going to split up into smaller groups and stay 6 feet apart during prayer. The national date for “See You at the Pole” was Wednesday, September 23. Since students are not going to school on Wednesday’s, planners decided to move it to Thursday, September 24. However, because of all the students that have been sent home to quarantine, planners have decided to push the date back so they will have more students in attendance. Senior, Brianna Rainwater, stated: “I was really looking forward to See You at the Pole this year. I was disappointed when they announced the cancellation, but I’m excited to reschedule and still be able to go.” Planners still are not completely sure when the rescheduled date will be because everything is still so uncertain. They are hoping to worship and pray together very soon.