Sanitation Precautions Taken During COVID

Emma McCormick, Reporter

In order to ensure that students get to be present for in-person learning, the high school has had to take an entirely new approach to the sanitation of the school for this school year. The custodial staff has never had to take such extreme measures for the school to be clean in previous school years. The staff has worked together to keep the school sanitized in an attempt to keep coronavirus cases down within the student body.

The school has put money towards multiple new cleaning supplies, including the misters and two different types of chemicals that go in them. One of the chemicals is safer to use around food, because it only takes one minute to settle. The other chemical is used more in bathrooms, on doors, on desks, etc., because it takes ten minutes to settle. The custodians are constantly walking around spraying the school to disinfect it. “I don’t like the changes compared to last year,” says custodian Stacey Taylor, “but they are very necessary to keep us here for in-person learning. It’s worth it to keep the students in school.” Taylor was brought in last year as a substitute for another janitor and has picked up many new jobs since then. This year, the school kept Taylor and hired another new janitor to ensure that they won’t be understaffed in the situation going on right now. The district has had a lot of different mandates set in place during the pandemic, and perhaps one of the most important ones are the sanitation rules.