Halloween Canceled

Keea Cone, Reporter

On October 31, kids and even some adults are always looking forward to dressing up and going trick or treating. COVID has taken away just about everything, and now it’s taking away most of the fun on holidays. With the cases of COVID steadily rising, trick of treating has been canceled for this year. Kail Cone, a student at Wayne City said, “I always looked forward to dressing up in a silly costume and going door to door, asking for candy.” Not only is Halloween a time for kids to have fun and get candy, it’s also a time for them to express themselves. The fun involves putting on a costume of someone from their favorite TV show, doing makeup they’ve been practicing all year, and just being excited to see their friends and what they chose to be. 

However, COVID might have done kids a favor too. With some parents working, and kids going to school, families have little to no family time. With Halloween being canceled, many families feel this is a great time for families to cuddle up on that couch and watch a movie with some popcorn. Family time allows families to spend time laughing together and just having quality time with each other. Some parents stress about finding the “perfect costume” for the kids, so this year, they get to relax and not worry about a costume, or planning where to go trick or treating.