Being Quarantined

Josilyn Wheat, Reporter

Covid-19 is spreading around Wayne County like nothing before. The Wayne City High School volleyball team is currently quarantined due to some of their players testing positive for coronavirus. The total count of high school teenagers not at school on Monday, September 21 was 25 kids total in just the high school. Junior Lizabeth Landreth says, “I have never wanted to leave my house more than this, but it has been nice having a break from everything.” Landreth tested positive for Covid-19 last Thursday. Being quarantined, everyone hates it, no one is thrilled to stay in their home for 14 days. The volleyball team is not the only people being quarantined. Sophomore Allie McKinney says, “I enjoyed getting a break from everyone and everything, but I am also so ready to get out and go bowfishing again! I can’t wait to go back to school to see all of my people again!” McKinney, does not mind taking a break from the world around her! 

After speaking with the whole volleyball team, more than half of the kids are ready to get back to school and start seeing all of their friends and favorite teachers again. Students never thought this would happen to them. With being such a small, close knit  community of friends, it doesn’t surprise some students that a big part of the school is out. Statistics show that Covid-19 is rising at the moment due to schools being back in session. Most students can’t wait to return in just a couple of days!