PE is Cancelled?

Brianna Rainwater, Reporter

As the 2020 school year for Wayne City School began, the regulations, restrictions, and rules started rolling in and many didn’t know what would be in store in their classes including Physical Education class. With the six foot rule requiring students to wear masks, there wasn’t much they could do to follow the rules and also get the kids moving. Teachers had to take into consideration the locker rooms are also closed, making it so the students have to wear the clothes they came to school with and workout in them. This would make it difficult to find things to do, but they managed, and even at one point they were taking suggestions to see what all was out there and spice up the regular three workouts or games kids could play.

Depending on the amount of people in the class, they can play or do different things like, play whiffle ball, kickball, or play catch with a football. They can only really do minimal work workouts, so the students don’t get too hot like walking the parking lot or doing some stretches and warm up routines. As the school cares for the students health and safety, they want to make sure to follow the regulations but also try to make the class as fun or normal as they could as if it were any other day. Many of the students have opinions on these changes, including, senior, Josilyn Wheat. She says, “I like this year’s PE  better than last, because we aren’t cooped up in the gym anymore and able to be outside as much as we can.”