California Up in Flames

Kylee Gregory, Editor

The only news stories seen lately all seem to be about politics or the latest COVID updates, but the state of California has been up in flames since nearly mid August. So, why is no one talking about that? This year alone, 4 million Californian acres have been scorched due to over 8,100 fires.

California Governor Gavin Newsom said on August 19, the state was battling 367 fires that they were aware of, all caused by thunderstorms and lightning. Now however, the two largest blazes are being kept under full control. According to CNN, the two burned for six weeks before firefighters could bring them to full containment. The Diablo Winds, made and caused by hot, dry air, were aiding in the spread of the fires. These winds normally occur, but reach their most dangerous in October and November.

Two more major fires have sparked even more damage in northern California. The Glass Fire has affected more than 60,148 acres, which is now in Sonoma County and Napa County, and it is only 6% contained. The Zogg Fire covers 56,018 acres of Shasta County as of early today. Its containment has been increased to 46%, after what the firefighters are calling, “Another successful day.” Although they are getting these fires under control, the weather is not in their favor. California should expect hot, dry conditions almost all next week, which will cause more of these Diablo Winds to spread. No rainfall is expected until late next week as 76% of the West is experiencing a drought.