Bring on the Tests!


Kelcee Seymour, Reporter

As if 2020 could not let people down anymore, the standardized state tests are still on. COVID-19 has cancelled many events this school year, but somehow students are still able to take their tests. The PSAT and SAT are scheduled to take place on October 14 at the Wayne City Baptist Church. The tests are free and are a chance for seniors to apply for scholarships and earn money for college.  The juniors have to take their PSAT tests to see where they stand academically, and the seniors have to take their SAT test to be able to graduate.

These tests are scheduled on a Wednesday, which may cause problems since that is the remote learning day and kids are not allowed to be at the school. They can have arrangements made if any student needs a ride to and from the church, since they will not already be at the school for the day. All students that are taking the tests have to wear masks and sit 6 feet apart at all times. Many students are stressed because COVID ended the school year early last year and students had to finish our classes online which was difficult. Many feel as though they did not learn much. “I am not taking any math classes this year so I am very worried for the test, I am stressing out thinking about the math section” says senior, Lily Borah. But, there are sites online such as and that give free test practice for students that wish to study and practice for their upcoming tests.