The World’s Beauty At Risk

Jaden Boyd, Reporter

2020 is an extremely critical year for Earth’s future and the climate. A long and costly wildfire season in California, droughts in the Great Plains , and frequent flooding in the central US are all results of the rapid change of climate. These issues extend far past an increase in temperature, and affect ecosystems and communities all around the world. Elements that humanity depends on and values greatly- energy, water, transportation, agriculture, wildlife, ecosystems, and human health-  are all experiencing the major effects of a changing climate. Despite all the damage that has been done, there is a silver lining in the climate fight: Countries like the United States, Japan, Argentina, Mexico, and many others are all working together with businesses and local governments to back up climate pledges. According to CNN, Katharine Hayhoe believes that many Americans miss how much progress is being made. “They don’t know that 70% of new electricity being installed around the world now is clean energy. They’re unaware that solar energy plus storage is actually cheaper than natural gas in California. Or that Texas has more installed wind energy than any other state in the country,” stated Hayhoe. However, despite the progress that is being made, there’s still a lot of work to be done… and the sooner action is taken, the better.