Student Council Presents, Halloween Week


Kendy Anderson, Reporter

Halloween is coming, and with a scary surprise. What’s better than a 3 day week? A Halloween themed day week! As the holiday comes soon, the Student Council had a pretty fun week planned. Monday, the 26th students were encouraged to wear Halloween colors (orange, black, gold, purple, or green). Many students showed their school spirit by wearing these fun colors. Tuesday, the 27th was a unique but fun one. Students, and teachers were allowed to dress up as their favorite book, movie, or TV characters. The idea of this special day was to not tell anyone who you were, and everyone was to guess who you were. Senior, Kalyn Merritt participated in this fun day, she had some words to say. “It’s nice to get a break from Corona, even if it’s just for a short time.”. Another senior participating with Merritt, was Jaden Boyd. Merritt and Boyd were dressed up as Jackie and Donna from the very popular TV show, “That 70’s Show”. Thursday the 29th, was Halloween costume day! Students and staff were very excited to wear their costumes to school, and have a super exciting day. Staff were to vote for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place of the students. The students to win first place were to win $15, second place was $10, and third place, wins $5. 

A little something extra to add to the week, was spectacularly spooky! Also on Monday, paper bats, skeletons and pumpkins were hid all over the school. If anyone were to find one, students were to take it to the office for a piece of candy. Tuesday, was all about Halloween trivia, listening to the announcements for chilling questions.  Lastly, Thursday was finish the lyric day, a good way to end the week. This week was a good way to chill out, but still respect the COVID precautions.