2020 Presidential Election

Jaden Boyd, Reporter

As election day grows nearer and nearer, it is a rarity to hear much else other than debate over the two mainstream party candidates: Donald J. Trump, the Republican nominee, and Joseph R. Biden, the Democratic nominee. Running for his second term, Trump has claimed that if he is elected, his main focuses within the first hundred days will be cleaning up Washington by imposing term limits on Congress, protecting American workers, and restoring rule of law. According to NPR, Trump claims, “This action plan is a contract between myself and the American voter, and begins with restoring honesty, accountability, and change to Washington”. Trump will be running with Mike Pence as his vice president. Running against Trump as the Democratic nominee is Joseph Biden. A former vice president and senator from Delaware, Biden has run for president twice before. His eight years of experience as Barack Obama’s vice president is a large selling point for many Democrats. According to The New York Times, Biden’s plans revolve around restoring America’s standing on the global stage, adding a public option to the Affordable Care Act, and strengthening economic protections for low-income workers. He will be running with Kamala Harris. This year’s election will be anything but ordinary, and with two very opposing personalities, the outcomes are very much anticipated.