Tricks and Treats

Kylee Gregory, Editor

With school looking a little different this year, the student council decided to do a Halloween themed spirit week to add some fun. Students participated in dress-up days as well as fun activities to keep them on their toes.

On Monday students dressed in Halloween colors, such as orange, black, gold, purple, and green. Trivia questions like, “What was Frankenstein’s first name?” were asked throughout the day. The first student from each classroom to get the question correct got candy. Tuesday’s theme was to dress as your favorite character, whether from a book, movie, or TV show. Students guessed their friend’s costumes all day long. Their activity for the day was a scavenger hunt. The staff placed cut-outs of skulls, cats, and pumpkins around the high school on the hallway walls, lockers, and even in bathrooms. Sparkly purple bats were clipped onto the stairway handrails, barely noticeable at first glance. When found, they were taken down and given to the secretary in the office for candy. Wednesday was a remote learning day, so students had time to prepare their Halloween costume for Thursday. Teachers voted on the best costumes for prizes. The winners were announced the following Monday. 

Senior Kalyn Meritt won the third place prize of $5, Sophomore Kobee Ivey won the second place prize of $10, and Kelcee Seymour won first place prize of $15. When asked how she felt about winning, she said, “I was definitely surprised! I was just having fun doing a themed costume with my friends and to my surprise the teachers voted on my costume for first place! I loved wearing my poodle skirt to school and dressing up like I was in the 1950s. I guess it paid off!”