Senior Preparations

Jaden Boyd


As the close of second semester draws nearer, seniors at Wayne City High School face more and more responsibilities and deadlines. With the endless amount of scholarships awaiting completion, ACT and SAT tests to be studied for and taken, and even leadership roles in clubs and sports, there is never a spare moment for hard-working students. Although COVID-19 has taken away many traditional senior year activities, such as temporarily suspending sporting seasons and cancelling field trips and state conventions, the academic aspects remain stable and are never completely checked off the senior to-do list. “Senior year is definitely different than any other year of high school, especially for our class, due to the virus,” says Emma McCormick, a senior preparing for college. “The work is never really done. If you take any dual credit classes, you’re guaranteed to have non-stop work. I know it’ll pay off in the end, but right now it can be really stressful. Scholarships are also always available to fill out, so when I have time I always turn to those,” stated McCormick. While some students are using all of their spare time preparing for college, other seniors are taking another route. Many plan to join the workforce immediately after graduating or even attending a trade school. Regardless of their plans for life, the class of 2021 faces never ending work preparing for their future.