Remote after Thankgiving?

Brianna Rainwater

As the holidays approach and the school year’s first semester comes to an end, the question for remote heightens. The students are eager for Thanksgiving break, and they are more eager to hear what the outcome is if we come back or not.  Students that came back to school this year knew the possibility at any point that they’d have to go remote and start everything online. The school is trying their hardest to keep them here for the sake of the kids and teachers, so they won’t have to start all over and start learning online. For some this can be more difficult for the students. There are many mixed emotions about going remote, some teachers aren’t ready if we go remote, others would like a break from all the mess and planning. This has become a hot topic for many students such as Senior Kelcee Seymour, she says, “I feel like I learn a lot easier in school and I have a better time learning in person but it would be nice to be able to have an extended break and a break away from everything after thanksgiving break.”  As another student Senior Brianna Rainwater says, “I feel like having a break would be nice right now for everyone to get some time to just take the stress away from school right now with all of the Covid regulations and rules. I would also prefer in person learning as it is more one on one and personal, if I were to have any questions or any confusion but the break would be a nice add in if it were to happen.”