Back at it Again

Kelcee Seymour, Reporter

On November 20, Illinois Governor, JB Pritzker, declared that the state is going back to tier 3. Covid-19 has made its way through the state and the cases are only rising. Once Illinois reopened, the cases calmed down, but these past few months the number of cases and deaths have risen significantly. The Governor has decided to shut back down and close multiple businesses to reduce the amount of cases. Restaurants have been notified recently to close their indoor dining. This means they are only allowed to do carry-out orders and outside dining. Some turn to limited capacity; this way they can remain open. Many businesses are also mandating masks before entering their establishments. Some of these businesses and restaurants are fighting back. Many of them cannot afford to shut down again, they have no source of income, some even refuse to shut down. Senior Brianna Rainwater says, “I understand that we are trying to reduce the risk of Covid-19, but I really enjoyed eating out at a restaurant while I was still able to. It’s hard to keep up with everything opening and closing all the time.” Many other events have been put on hold or cancelled completely as well. Basketball, hockey, wrestling, and other sports that include close contact have been postponed until further notice. This is upsetting to some students who have kept their hopes up throughout the pandemic. Not being able to participate in the sports they love will cause some kids to become careless about their work, or school in general.