Covid-19 Vaccine

Beth Thompson, Reporter

People everywhere seem to be wondering when citizens are supposed to get a vaccine for coronavirus. At this very moment, researchers are fervently working to make this possible. It normally can take up to a few years to create a new vaccine, but Pfizer/Biontech managed to do so in only 10 months and their attempt has proven a 95% efficiency rate. The only known side effects at this time are fatigue and headaches. The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine needs to be stored in temperatures as low as -94℉ until only hours before the injection. This has raised a concern amongst people, how will they transport it when it needs to be that cold? They plan to place the vaccines in packets of dry ice inside thermal containers specifically designed for the delivery. They also are working on building boxes to help keep them cold during the storage process. The Trump Administration has already bought millions of doses in advance for when they feel it has been proven safe enough for use with no harmful side effects. The vaccine has to be taken in two doses, and this might complicate things if people don’t show up for their second dose. As of now though, the vaccine is not available in America, or any other countries for that matter. There have been mentions of it being fully done by the end of December, but so far the public has no way of knowing.