Senior Favorites

Kendy Anderson, Reporter

This year for seniors is a little different than normal.  Being a senior is fun and exciting, but stressful with cap and gown measuring, filling out scholarships, and voting for senior superlatives. For the past few years, seniors would vote for their fellow classmates in Mrs. Keen’s room. This year is different, all seniors are to join the Class of 2021 Google classroom. On there students find a link to vote for senior class officers, and senior favorites. Also, students find in this classroom, a Google form for senior ads and senior quotes. Senior quotes are placed under the tux and drape photos in the yearbook. Senior ads are pictures of the student and a short note from the parent or guardian in the yearbook.  Senior favorites this year were different then previous years.


Most pictures were taken inside due to COVID, because no one is allowed in the school without a mask. The categories this year are as follows: Best Bromance, two boys who show their love for each other a little too much. Two Peas In a Pod, two girls who are inseparable. Most Likely to Stay in Wayne City, a boy and a girl loyal to their hometown. Most Likely to Take Over the World a boy and a girl with intentions to take over the world, no not really. Most Likely to Be Late, a boy and girl, who are late to most important events. Biggest Flirt, a boy and a girl who are “friendly” to most. Biggest Bub, a boy and a girl who show their bub pride by dressing country like. Biggest Teachers Pet, a boy and a girl who show their love to their favorite teacher for special rewards in return. Worst Driver, a boy and a girl who Mr. Lingafelter probably shouldn’t be let into the parking lot. Worst Senioritis, a boy and a girl who’ve waited for senior year since freshman year. And lastly, Most Likely to Get the Teacher Off Topic, a boy and a girl who like to get out of their assignments by distracting their teacher.