No Teachers?

Josilyn Wheat, Reporter

Most of the Wayne City School staff is out due to quarantine or the corona-virus. They are running low on substitutes, so no teachers means no school. Since they are currently all remote right before Christmas break, some of the kids are upset because all of the Christmas activities are no longer on. Senior Jaden Boyd says, “I am really upset that we cannot finish out the first semester. I was looking forward to the Polar Express and being with all of my friends before we leave for break, but unfortunately it all happened so fast.” We are hoping that all of the teachers have a fast and healthy recovery so we can have a good rest of the school year. The school was stressing out about what to do because they did not want to shut down the school, but we did not have a choice. We need our teachers but their health is more important to keep them and the students safe to stop the spread of the corona-virus. While we had four teachers out on the high school side of the building, there were several more teachers out on the grade school side of the school due to quarantine or the corona-virus. The number of ill teachers is growing by the day.