Home for the Holidays

Kelcee Seymour, Reporter

On Tuesday, December 8 our superintendent, Mr. Caudle announced that we will be going remote through the end of the school year. We are to return to school on January 4, 2021. Covid cases kept rising throughout the school causing more and more kids, and teachers, to quarantine. There were so many teachers and staff gone that there were no longer any substitutes available. They deemed best for us to shut down and go remote until the new year. Senior Jakara Greenwalt claims, “ I honestly think it was the best idea for the situation. This gives the students and staff time to quarantine and get over illness. It also reduces the amount of exposure. It’s giving us the opportunity to not have to worry about quarantining during the holidays. This way we can still spend time with family and not have to worry about getting sick or spreading the sickness.” Many students and staff were worried about having to force quarantine over the holidays. This at least gives everyone a chance to get over the illness and quarantine until the holidays. Mrs. Seymour says, “ It is much more difficult on the teaching aspect to keep kids in line and make sure they get their work done online. But I think it is for the best interest of the kids and staff to keep everyone safe during the holiday season.” Most feel the same way. It is harder to do remote learning but in the end it will be worth it for everyone to enjoy the holidays and not have to worry about being stuck in quarantine.