No More Remote Wednesdays?

Kelcee Seymour, Reporter

The talk is in the air about returning to school on Wednesdays. The day that was originally given to the students and faculty as a remote learning day. Students were held responsible to log in and mark their attendance to be counted as present, as well as getting their work done. The teachers often used this day to catch up on their work and grade papers. Many teachers used this day to help the full-time remote learning students since they do not have actual classroom time to learn. The school board is meeting the evening of Thursday, January 21 to discuss the possibility of returning to school on Wednesdays. They will be voting whether or not to keep this day as a remote learning day or just come back to school. Many teachers think that if they have to be at school all day, then so should the students. But some of the teachers use this critical time for work that needs to be caught up on.

Science teacher Mrs. Seymour says, “ I honestly think it is a good idea to return to school on Wednesdays. The students are not getting the quality of learning that they should be getting. Many of them just ignore their assignments and work for their employers. Some of them just take the day off and expect no consequences. As for me, I have kids of my own and instead of worrying about arrangements, I can just send my kids to school and know where they are at all times.”